“Who Else Wants To Enjoy All The Wonderful Things That Life Has To Offer Including Meaningful Relationships, True Purpose, Wealth And Everything Else that Comes Along With Learning The Meaning Behind Your Zodiac Sign?”

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Dear Friend,

Have you discovered and mastered the meaning behind your astrological or zodiac sign?

Are you naturally aligning yourself with the dynamic energy that surrounds your life as a result of when you were born? And in the process are you gaining more empowerment?

Are you scratching your head thinking, “What the heck is this guy talking about?”

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Or perhaps you do know what I am talking about, but you have never investigated the meaning behind your zodiac sign because you were unaware of the important impact it could have on your life.

Well, if you have indeed discovered and mastered the meaning behind your astrological sign, then I wish you all the best in achieving the state of true and consistent abundance in life. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

If on the other hand, all this talk of astrology seems very new to you, (or you still haven’t achieved the state of abundance that you seek) then I would advise you to turn your cell phone off, close out your e-mail and listen closely to what I have to say because I’m about to share some information with you that could completely change the way you are living your life right now…..in an extremely positive way!

My name is Steve G. Jones, clinical hypnotherapist and I have dedicated the majority of my life toward the study of both hypnosis and cognitive psychology. When they are synergistically joined together, they create a unique method of helping people improve their lives called hypnotherapy.

In essence, I help people focus on an area of their life that if changed or improved would bring them more happiness and joy. This includes anything ranging from more money to fulfillment, peace, better health and finding true love among many others.

When helping people, I simply identify thoughts and behaviors that support the achievement of the goal, and then implant the thoughts into the subconscious mind. This process then leads to the behavioral changes that lead to the attainment of positive results.

Sounds pretty simple right? And for the most part, it is.

Bear in mind however, that everyone is different and part of what makes them different is the energy surrounding a persons being.

One Energy That Plays A Tremendous Role In Your Spiritual Make-Up Is The Energy Related To Your Astrological Sign

And for that reason, it’s extremely important to create self-awareness about your sign and what it means to your life.

That’s where my latest creation comes into play.

Introducing Coach Zodiac

This Four Module System Will Empower You Through The Principle Known As Universal Zodiac Mastery Where You Will Discover:

Behavior Prediction – Here you will learn how to predict the actions of others based on their Zodiac sign

Ideal Partner Compatibility – Now you can gain a clear understanding of who you should and shouldn't date

Career Influence Power – Learn to influence an employer to get the job you want based on his or her Zodiac Sign

Relationship Awareness – Now you’ll be able to create better relationships with your children, relatives, partners, loved ones and co-workers

Self Awareness – Identifying your strengths and weaknesses better positions you to achieve true success

And Much More!

If you are ready to equip yourself with the advantage that comes with learning about the principles of Universal Zodiac Mastery and all the abundance that comes with it, then take action and own this resource today for just $47.00 $27.97!

That’s right, for less than what it would cost you to visit a psychic to learn about your sign, you can master it independently and begin changing your life right now!



And to ensure your success even further, I am going include this bonus recording:

Improve acceptance, understanding, relationships and communication with a new person in your life, effectively and naturally with hypnotherapy


  • A new baby (especially for those suffering post-natal depression (PND))

  • A new partner (potential girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband)

  • New in-laws (mother-in-law or father-in-law) and family

  • New children from a partner's previous marriage or relationship

  • A new boss or new employee(s)

  • New colleagues or workmates

  • New neighbors or new people in your street or community

  • New boarders or flatmates in shared accommodation

  • New friends

  • ... in fact, anyone that comes into (or is about to come into) your life, and as a result you're feeling apprehensive, scared, stressed, depressed, worried, angry, frustrated or anxious

You Risk Nothing

Here's My No-Risk, No-Hassle, Eight Week, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee:

DON'T Decide Now. Try "Coach Zodiac" Out For A Full Eight Weeks. If You Don't Experience Noticeable Improvements In Your Interaction With Others Using My System, Then Just Let Me Know Within Eight Weeks Of Your Purchase Date And I'll Promptly Issue You A Full, No Questions Asked, Refund. All The Risk Has Now Vanished Because I'm The One Taking The Chance Here. Fair Enough?

Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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